About Me

Hi, I’m Marko. I am software developer.

I grew up in Belgrade, Serbia 🇷🇸, went to school there, graduated with a degree in Informational Technologies. I like to spend my free time exploring new exciting tech, playing video games and enjoying time with friends and family.

For the past 7 years I've been working in software development industry. I've had an opportunity to work on many projects as in a wide variety of fields and technologies. I like React, TypeScript, Next and everything that comes with those.

I write about tech, coding, stuff I find useful and interesting. So feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.



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    Released This Website 🎉

    Finally released my personal website. It looks so nice because it's fork of Lee Rob's website, which is open sourced, so huge shoutout to him. Mine version is a lot simpler and available here.

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    Started using let instead of const

    It's shorter really. Only three letters...


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    Graduated College 🎓

    After a lot of time and hard work, I finally got my degree. Met some great people here and learned a lot of interesting stuff.

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    Frontend Multitenancy Framework

    Worked on a internal framework for quick and easy scaffolding of telco video streaming cross-platform apps, with unique branding, features, deployments, etc...

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    New React tools

    Finally decided to have a proper look at React SSR/SSG tools. I instantly saw Next.js as a simpler, yet more powerful way of building React apps, that enables new features, better UX and DX. I've been using it since without single regret.
    Also gave a try to Vite, it turned out it's amazing tool, a lot faster than CRA for example. I've started using it by default on most of my SPA projects.

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    Expanded Backed/Devops Knowledge

    This is one of the things I enjoyed the most during the whole 2021. I enabled myself to constantly learn new things in fields that I did not consider myself an expert. I spent a lot of time reading, watching tech talks, even doing some tutorials.

    Some of the things I feel much more comfortable with thanks to that:
    • HTTP Protocol
    • Databases in General
    • Distributed Systems
    • Web Servers, specificly Nginx
    • Redis
    • CI/CD

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    Slike Srbije v2

    Decided to revive one of my favourite side projects Slike Srbije. And there's just no better way of doing so than rewriting it with new shiny tech. Some of the technologies I used: React, TypeScript, Next, Sharp.js, Prisma, MySQL, Redis...


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    Remote Work

    Started workring remotely, just as pretty much everyone. It turned out I really like it and I don't think I'am going back to office any time soon.

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    Started with intensive mentoring work with colleagues of lower seniority. Mostly through pair coding sessions, PR reviews, and generally being more available for such things. Also, at that time I've started holding regular education sessions and workshops with my team.

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    Project/Team Management

    As a team leader, I was also in charge of reporting to my manager, setting proper time estimates on tasks, and communicating between the team and the product owners.

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    Cross-platform Code Sharing

    At this point, me and my team were actively developing and maintaing a lot of client side code, all based on React and TypeScript. We decided to extact core/shareble units of code to seperate packages and include those in our main product apps. Basically we centralized most of our business logic, design system component, configurations, etc... It allowed us to seamlessly reuse code between multiple projects and even platforms.


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    Built React Native App

    This was my first full-featured production ready React Native app. It enabled users to consume both live stream and playback video content.

    Some of the greater challanges that me and my team faced were:
    • Optimizing component rendering and heavy calculations
    • Infinite lists (vertical, horizontal and combined)
    • Caching server data in-memory and persisting data locally, in order to reduce network calls

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    Wrote My First Blog Post

    Write Cleaner Reducers, originaly published od Medium. Inspired by the good coding practices that I like to follow in general.

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    Promoted to Team Leader Position

    Got promoted to the frontend team leader position. As a team we managed web and mobile development of our main product.


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    Got Into Telco Industry

    Started working on my company's primary product. Video streaming platform for telco operators.

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    Side Projects

    Did few side projects, mostly web shops. Based on Laravel, MySQL, jQuery or Vue.

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    Attended 5 hackathons with my friends, mostly just for fun. We ended up 3rd every time btw 😂... But we met some interesting people and learned about different domains.

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    Experimented With Tech Stacks

    Built my first backend app with Java/Spring Boot. Built multiple SPAs with Vue and React, also got into React Native. Basically did a lot of things with different technologies.

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    Architected a Large Scale Web App

    Architected React based SPA backoffice portal that manages a huge video streaming platform (50+ microservices). To this day, the project has 100+ screens, easily onboards new features and maintains existing ones.


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    Droped Out of Faculty

    Decided to give up on math, and dedicate myself to something else...

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    Devoted Myself to Programming

    This was a huge turing point in my life and career. I started studing programming by myself and everything instantly clicked. I relized that this is what I wanted to do in my life.

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    Got Paid to Build Website

    This was the first time someone paid me to write code, and it felt amazing. It was small ecommerce website, writen in vanilla PHP and jQuery. It was a huge thing for me, because I learned about relational databases, server-side programming, REST APIs, AJAX, CSS animations, deploying to production environment, and so many more things. But the most important thing I learned was how to think like a programmer, how to solve real world problems with tools like programing languages.

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    Started New Studies in Field of Informational Technologies

    Decided to give another try to college, only this time I knew what I actually like and want. I enrolled in ICT College of Vocational Studies. They have very good practial study programs, that try to emulate real world environment for IT industry and that way prepare students for their first jobs.

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    Started First Dev Job

    After a few unsuccessful interviews, finally got my first dev job at NetCast. I was very happy, enthusiastic and ready to grind and learn as much as I can.

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    The First Project That Attracted a Lot of Attention

    Slike Srbije was my first project and it quickly got a lot of attention. It was basically a website where photographers competed for the most beautiful picture of Serbia. It got more than 200k unique visits over 3 months, had around 40k registrated users, and more than 500 active participants. It was built with MySQL, Laravel and Vue.


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    Graduated High School

    There I had my first real introduction to programming with C, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, etc...

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    Started Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade 🤦

    Basically I got in here because I was always fairly good at math and I really tought I liked it, but it turned out that I was very wrong.

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    Wanted To Dropout of Faculty

    I am thankful to "Mathematical Analysis", because it made me realized that I was not interested in that level math.


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    First Computer 🕹

    Warcraft 3 and Dota were so much fun.


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    Born 👶🏼🍼